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This Application Form should be used to apply for registration of research and development (R&D) activities for the R&D Tax Incentive.

Registration takes place on an annual basis after activities have been undertaken. Companies must be registered with AusIndustry before they are able to claim the R&D Tax Incentive in their annual income tax return. An application for registration is due within 10 months after the end of the company's income year in which eligible activities were conducted.

The application form is a SmartForm with dynamic questioning and built in guidance to assist an applicant with the information sought in the application. Application Notes are available that consolidate the help within the SmartForm. The application notes and further information about the R&D Tax Incentive, registration and eligibility of R&D activities can also be found on AusIndustry's website.

Subsidiary members of consolidated groups or multi-entry consolidated groups (under the consolidation provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, Part 3-90) cannot register R&D activities under the R&D Tax Incentive. The R&D activities of the entire group must be registered by the Australian head company of that group.

Is the applicant a subsidiary of a consolidated group for tax purposes?


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