Form: General form 01: Application for refund


What is the purpose of this form?

This form can be used to apply for a refund of overpaid monies from the State Revenue Office (SRO).
Please note:
1. Applications for refunds can only be considered if received within five years of the payment. In some cases, the SRO may wish to verify claims by reviewing taxpayer records. Accordingly, documentary evidence must be retained to substantiate your claim.
2. This form should not be used for refund claims relating to principal place of residence (PPR) concession, eligible first home buyer duty reduction, pensioner exemption/concession or first home owner exemption/concession on dutiable transactions. To request a refund in these situations, please complete the relevant exemption/concession claim form (Duties Forms 53D, 61, 8F and 7E respectively).

Who can complete this form?

This form can be completed by the taxpayer or a representative or agent of the taxpayer. If completed by a representative or agent, this form must be accompanied by an authority (i.e. letter) from the taxpayer.

How do you lodge this form?

You complete and lodge this form online. Through this form, you can also upload any supporting documents. Once you have entered all relevant and mandatory information, you can submit and save a copy of your form. The information you provide will be electronically forwarded to the SRO.

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