Form: General form: Change of contact details


What is the purpose of this form?

This form can be used to:
  • advise the State Revenue Office of a change to your contact details, and/or
  • nominate/authorise a representative to interact with the SRO on your behalf.

Any changes to your records as a result of submitting this form will stay in effect until you advise us otherwise.

Please note:
  1. All properties of which you are the owner or joint owner will be included in any future land tax assessment notices issued. By authorising a representative to receive your land tax correspondence, they will be privy to all the information contained within that correspondence.
  2. The change of address will remain valid until you formally notify the SRO of any subsequent change.
  3. To change how you receive communication about vacant residential land tax (email or post), use our online portal.

Who can complete this form?

This form can be completed by an SRO customer or an agent or representative of an SRO customer who has been previously authorised by the SRO customer. If this has not already been lodged then the authority (i.e. dated and signed letter of consent) from the customer must be attached to this form.

Please note:
  1. Car park owners or operators (or authorised representative) registered with the SRO for Congestion Levy should use the Congestion Levy Form 02 to change owner or operator details.

How is this form lodged?

This form is completed and lodged online. When you have completed all relevant and mandatory information, please select submit. The information provided will then be forwarded electronically to the SRO and you will be directed to a receipt page. Please download and save a copy of the receipt from this page.

Before you start, please review our SmartForm tips to help you complete this form.

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