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What is the purpose of this form?

The Victorian Government has announced a package to assist landlords and tenants impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Landlords and tenants are expected to negotiate a rent reduction consistent with the support package announced on 15 April 2020 and in good faith. Guidance about what good faith negotiations entail is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website and the Victorian Small Business Commission website.

Landlords who provide eligible tenants impacted by coronavirus with rent relief may be eligible for:

  • a reduction of up to 50% reduction on the property’s 2020 land tax, and
  • a reduction of 25% on the property’s 2021 land tax.

As part of the application process, commercial landlords must submit a declaration by their tenant that they meet the criteria to be an eligible tenant for the purposes of land tax relief. Completing this form will enable your landlord to demonstrate that you are an eligible tenant and claim a land tax reduction on the property you lease.

More information on coronavirus land tax relief is available on the State Revenue Office’s website.

Who can complete this form?

This form should be completed by a commercial tenant who is seeking or has received rent relief from their landlord due to coronavirus.

Landlords must not complete this form.

Where do I lodge this form?

Once you have completed this form online, you need to send it to your landlord. You can download a copy, or email a copy to yourself, which you can then email to your landlord, or send it to them directly by entering their email address on the final page, titled 'Form complete'.

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