Form: Meter Reading Form


1. You do not have to complete the form in one session, you can save it using the Save and Close button (located underneath the form Tracking Code).

  • Use the Tracking Code to re-open the form and complete it at a later stage. This can be done on a different computer or mobile device.
  • You can also email the Tracking Code to someone else to complete and submit the form on your behalf.

2. If you are able to provide a photograph of a meter face then please do so, as this will assist us to verify your meter readings.

  • Try to ensure any photographs include a clear view of the meter dials.
  • You will be prompted to attach photographs after you press the form's Submit button.
  • Each attachment must be no larger than 10 Mbytes and in total no more than 50 Mbytes.

3. Ensure that you press the form's Continue button when you are finished attaching photos.

  • Only then is the form submission complete.
  • A copy of the completed form can be downloaded and printed.

4.  To make it easier to access this form in the future it may be useful for you to save this webpage.

  • If you are using a PC or Laptop we recommend you save this webpage as a Favourite or Bookmark.
  • If you are using a Mobile Phone or Tablet we recommend you save this webpage by using the “Add To Home Screen” functionality on your device.
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