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Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Offshore petroleum exploration acreage release nominations

The government invites industry to shape the annual offshore petroleum exploration acreage release by nominating future areas for release each year. Nominated areas are considered for release against government objectives and consultation outcomes.

Before you start

Please note that nominating large numbers of areas can create concerns from other marine users and impact on community acceptance of the offshore petroleum industry. Nominations should demonstrate a genuine intent to start activities in the immediate term. As a guide: if you represent an exploration and production company, your nomination would indicate a strong interest in exploring the area and potentially bidding in the next scheduled acreage release
if you represent a geophysical company, you are expected to have recent non-exclusive data products over the nominated area available during the next scheduled bidding period (July to March)
We do not place limits on the number of nominations you can put forward, however the government may change this if: areas are routinely not bid on
nominations consistently lack a well-considered rationale
Nomination areas, or parts of areas, may be excluded for various reasons including, but not limited to: National security or legal reasons. For example, if a nominated area extends into a green or yellow Australian marine park zone, or is impacted by international maritime boundaries; Where precompetitive open-file studies of the geology or other features of the area are being undertaken; The ability to undertake efficient exploration in a nominated area. Considerations may include the impact of Biologically Important Areas (BIA) on exploration activities.
The Joint Authorities must consider and endorse release areas before they can progress to the bidding rounds. It is important to provide sufficient reasoning for nominations, particularly in frontier areas where existing infrastructure is limited. This is so we can ensure long-term energy supply into the future. Consideration will also be given to current government objectives to decide whether to progress the area through the acreage release process.

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Nominee Details

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Company Address

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Area Description

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Nomination Area


Sub-basin *
Enter the secondary basin area (for example, Vulcan sub-basin)


Map Sheet

Please refer to Geoscience Australia’s Interactive Maps webpage for the correct map sheet references and graticular blocks used under the Commonwealth Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006.
Map sheet (1:1,000,000) *
The map sheet reference is two letters followed by two numbers, for example, SF49.

Map Sheet  *

Graticular Blocks

Graticular blocks must be entered into the form or uploaded as an attachment. A combination of both options cannot be used. For areas greater than 10 graticular blocks, please submit the list via an attachment.
Upload attachment containing graticular blocks. Attachments restricted to spreadsheet formats
5’ Graticular Blocks *
The graticular block is a four digit code, for example, 0009.

Graticular Block


Please attach a map or shapefile showing the nominated area and the graticular blocks. * Attachments are restricted to the following file formats: doc, docx, pdf, png, bmp, gif, jpeg, jfif, jpe, jpeg, jpg, dib, shp, shx, prj, dbf, sbn, sbx.

Supporting Information

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release Nomination form
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Justifications and Consultation

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If required, please attach any supporting documents. If you encounter any errors or are unable to upload your file, please send your files through to petroleum.exploration@industry.gov.au and quote your reference code in the subject line.

Exploration History

Has the area ever been under title?
Has the area previously been under title? If unsure, please skip this question.

Data Availability – Service Companies Only

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If you are an owner of multi-client seismic data, please list any surveys over the nomination area: