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Training Organisation Details

Welcome to the USI Registry System Access Form.

This form is to be completed by training organisations seeking to do any of the following:

Set up initial access to the USI Registry System Update training organisations details Apply for web services Apply for Document Verification Service (DVS) Override Apply for Self Service Authorisation (SSA) Make ongoing changes or updates to any of the above
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Contact Person

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Business Details


Training Organisation Details

For your registered training organisation to have access to the USI website, you will need to be registered on
Is your organisation registered on *
Does your business have multiple Training Organisations registered on with different Training Organisation Numbers with the same ABN?

Training Organisation


All training organisations must have an AUSkey to connect to the USI Registry System.
Your AUSkey Administrator will be able to assist you with setting up your AUSkey.
Does your organisation have an AUSkey Administrator? *
Please visit the Australian Business Register website for detailed information on AUSkey including how to register for an AUSkey, how to install and use an AUSkey, both standard and device.

Connecting to the USI Registry System

USI Website
All registered training organisations will automatically have access to the USI Registry System through the USI website.

Connect your SMS directly to the USI Registry System
Your training organisation may also choose to connect directly to the USI Registry System via your Student Management System, also known as ‘Web Services’. More information.
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Connect to the USI Registry System

How will you connect to the USI Registry System? *
To register for Web Services complete the fields below:

Document Verification Service (DVS) override

The Document Verification Service (DVS) override is a function in the USI Registry System available for organisations, Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and VET Admission Bodies (VAB). The DVS override function within the USI Registry System recognises that a small minority of people eligible for a USI may not have been issued, or have been precluded from receiving, a DVS form of ID document, and provides an alternate process for this group of people to create a USI. More information.
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DVS Override Access

Would you like to apply for access to DVS Override? *
How will your organisation access DVS override? *
Will your organisation require control over which staff members have access to DVS override? *
You must fill in the SSA section in order to restrict who uses the DVS override function in your organisation.
Please Note: Providing access to all staff will suit small training organisations and it is suggested that medium to large organisations carefully consider restricting access.
Does your training organisation enrol a high proportion of students where special circumstances are likely? *

Estimate the number of students you expect to enrol who will not have an acceptable DVS form of ID

Self Service Authorisation (SSA) function

Self Service Authorisation (SSA) provides for organisations to control which employees can connect to the USI Registry System. This means organisations can choose which staff can create, verify or use functions like the DVS override as opposed to all staff. This function is controlled by the AUSkey Administrator. More information.

It also enables the AUSkey Administrator to devolve management of SSA and employee permissions to a Business Administrator
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SSA Access