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In an emergency or life-threatening situation please call Triple Zero (000) for police, fire or ambulance services.

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Dogs, cats, livestock, or other animals

Please note: Some animals are outside of Councils control i.e. bats, wild dogs etc

Helpful links:
Local orders for the keeping of animals policySnakemanInformation for dog owners
On private property, tree removal, on/near roads or footpaths, on/near parks and reserves
Building, submission on development proposal, general enquiry, holiday letting, business/illegal activity, wedding venues & function centres
Halls, Cemetery, Cavanbah Centre, Library, Tyagarah Airstrip
Dumped rubbish, bins and collection
Conditions of toilets, graffiti or vandalism, maintenace/repair required
Potholes, sweeping, graffiti on signs, signs, footpaths & bikepaths, street lighting, grading
Meter, no water, leaks, quality, stormwater
On site sewerage management system, sewer pump station red light, blocked or broken
Paid parking, illegal camping, illegal parking, traffic issues, abandoned vehicles
Graffiti or vandalism, playgrounds, sportsfields, parks and reserves, lighting
Swimming pool, food premises and safety, pollution, other health issues
General enquiries, rates enquiries


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