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Submission lodgement form
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Use this form to make a submission regarding a Development Application (DA) or items currently on public exhibition.

Currently advertised DA’s are available for viewing at DA’s on exhibition.

Other items currently on public exhibition are available on the Public Exhibition page of the website.

To submit feedback to council on a DA or other document currently on exhibition, complete this form, providing all of the required information. Your submission may be typed in the electronic form or uploaded. You may also choose to upload further information that you believe will supplement your electronic submission (ie. photos, plans, etc.).

If your submission is by grounds of an objection, any grounds of objection must be clearly stated and should not include references of a personal nature.

Submissions may be made available to the applicant and the public – this includes publication on council’s website. Please ensure original signatures are not included on any submissions.

Political Donations and Gifts

If you have made a reportable political donation or gift in the last two years, you will need to complete the ‘Disclosure of Political Donations & Gifts’ section of the form.

Please note that, if such a political donation or gift has been made, failure to complete this section is an offence under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Privacy Policy

The information you provide will be used to consider your submission. The intended recipients of the personal information you provide may include officers within Council, Councillors and the public. The supply of this information is voluntary. Objectors may remain anonymous if you so choose, however should you need to substantiate your objection, anonymous objections may be given less (or no) weight in the overall consideration of the application.

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Note: Submissions will be made public in accordance with GIPA Regulations, including both the substance and the identity of the objector. If your circumstances require that your identity needs to remain confidential please click below.

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Where the exhibition relates to a specific property please provide address details

Political donations and gifts disclosure

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If you are making a submission you may be required to lodge, now or possibly in the future, a “Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement”. It is your responsibility to ensure you meet your obligations to disclose reportable political donations and gifts. A failure to meet your obligations is an offence the penalty for which can include significant fines and/or imprisonment. A guideline providing detailed information on the disclosure obligations is available at or from Council. Council strongly urges you to read the Guideline and satisfy yourself that you are complying with your disclosure obligations prior to lodging a submission. All Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statements will be public documents and all information contained in them will be available to the public and government agencies.


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1. Submissions will be made public in accordance with GIPA Regulations. Do not make offensive, threatening, defamatory or other inappropriate comments in your submission.

2. Do not include any personal information in your submission that you do not want made public.

3. Your submission can be either typed in the ‘Submission’ field below or uploaded as an attachment.

4. If you are objecting to a DA, you must provide reasons why. These reasons will be considered by Council in the assessment of the DA.
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1. I take full responsibility for the content of the submission, including any comments that may be offensive, threatening, defamatory or inappropriate.

2. I am aware that the submission may be made public in accordance with GIPA Regulations, including both the substance and the identity of the person making the submission.