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CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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Important information before completing the application:
If you have a vacant shopfront and are interested in participating in Council’s Pop-up Shop program, use this form to provide high level details about the property/s.

By completing this form, you acknowledge and agree that any, part or all of the information provided by you to Council in the form or any supporting documents, including personal information, may be used by Council and disclosed to third parties for the purposes of the Pop-up Shop initiative, including but not limited to Council’s Business Liaison Officers and prospective tenants. Such persons may be in contact to provide further information and assistance to find a temporary tenant that might match your needs.

Vacant shop details

CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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Vacant shop

Vacant shop

How long has the shop been vacant?
How would you describe the property?
Is electricity available?
Is water available?
Is there any existing shop fit-out?

Australian business number

Do you have an Australian Business Number (ABN)?

If you do not hold a current ABN, you will be required to complete a ‘Statement by a Supplier’ form (available from the Australian Taxation Office) before entering into any funding agreement with the Australian Government.

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CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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Optional supporting documents (e.g. plan of the premises, photos of shop exterior, photos of existing fit-out)
Brisbane City Council


CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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Brisbane City Council provides no warranty regarding the suitability, accuracy, reliability, fitness for purpose, effectiveness, benefits of or outcomes from any content, products, information or materials provided through these webpages, forms and related documents in support of the Pop-up Shop Program initiative. Participants use and rely upon the content, products, information and documents at their own risk.

Whilst Brisbane City Council will use its best endeavours, no responsibility is accepted for the suitability or fitness for purpose of any introduction, matching or partnering of property owners with interested start-ups, businesses for the vacant spaces and no endorsement or validation is implied or offered by Council by reason of that introduction. Participants must satisfy themselves through their own checks, enquiries and /or inspections in that regard.

Brisbane City Council provides no representation, warranty or guarantee as to any outcome, benefit or advantage, tangible or intangible, arising from or in relation to any opportunity or introduction offered, accepted or declined by a participant in the Initiative and Brisbane City Council accepts no liability for any loss, damage, debts, costs, or expenses incurred or attaching to a participant through its involvement with this Initiative.
Terms and Conditions

1.Brisbane City Council may share the details of your vacant premises with businesses that have registered interest with Council for a pop-up space.2.Brisbane City Council reserves the right to suggest businesses that may be interested in tenanting your space on a temporary basis.3.Completion of this form does not constitute any guarantee that Council can connect you with a temporary tenant that might match your needs.
I understand that the information provided in and with this application may be disclosed publicly under the Right to Information Act 2009 and the Evidence Act 1977.
If the application is made by a corporation or an incorporated association, the person signing this form must occupy a position that is legally entitled to make an application on behalf of the organisation.

I confirm all information provided in and with the application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
I acknowledge Queensland State Laws will accept this communication as containing my signature within the meaning of the Electronic Transactions (Qld) Act 2001.

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CC11224 - Vacant Shopfront
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