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Request to reopen the Data Exchange

Request to Reopen the Data Exchange March 2020
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This form is to be completed by the authorised representative of your organisation, such as the Chief Executive Officer. In accordance with the Data Exchange Protocols, all data reflecting service delivery must be submitted successfully to the Data Exchange by midnight 30 July (for the reporting period 1 Jan to 30 Jun) and by midnight 30 January (for the reporting period 1 Jul to 31 Dec). All times are AEST/AEDT. Re-opening the system has serious consequences on data integrity, and impact on government agencies being able to provide consistent and timely briefs and reports. Requests to re-open the Data Exchange will be considered on a case by case basis and granted under exceptional circumstances only. Exceptional circumstances are considered to be a crisis or event outside your organisations control. System re-openings will be time limited and apply for a short period only.Please note that the following reasons will not be considered exceptional circumstances: Inability to obtain a myGovID. Staff unavailable to provide the data.Not being aware of the reporting requirements.Delay caused by a third party vendor. Note: If delivery or community partners require an extension, they will need to submit a request to re-open the system for their organisation.

Organisation information

This section should be completed by the organisation. Please copy this from your Grant Agreement.
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Has your organisation used the Data Exchange for previous reporting periods?
Has your organisation already requested an extension for this reporting period?
Has your organisation requested an extension for a previous reporting period?
Note: Only the program activities that are in the Data Exchange and listed in this extension request form will be considered.
You have reached the maximum of 15 program activities allowed per form.

Background information

This section should be completed by the organisation.
Do you, or another user in your organisation have a myGovID that has been linked to your business in RAM?
Has your organisation applied for an AUSKey?
Have you been granted access to the Data Exchange?
Has your organisation successfully submitted data for this reporting period?
Have you tested your upload in the staging environment?

Reason for request

This section should be completed by the organisation.
(Limit: approx 300 words, 2,000 characters)
Please provide the following: 1.Your reasons for this request, specifying how they demonstrate "exceptional circumstances" (refer to the Data Exchange Protocols "Administrative Matters"), and 2.A summary of contact with the Data Exchange Helpdesk to resolve any technical matters. *
(Limit: approx 300 words, 2,000 characters)
Please attach supporting documentation here if you wish to do so.
A maximum of three attachments are allowed.
Note: Attachments must not include identifiable client information.
Accepted file types – .txt, .jpg, .zip, .pdf, .msg, .docx, .doc
By selecting the Email Funding Arrangement Manager button, you confirm that the information contained is true and correct.This action will create an email pop-up box, enabling you to email this form to your Funding Arrangement Manager.

Funding Arrangement Manager information

This section should be completed by the assigned Funding Arrangement Manager.
Have you had contact with the organisation or the Data Exchange Helpdesk about the issue(s) outlined above?
If the organisation is seeking an extension for activities managed by other Funding Arrangement Managers, please ensure you have consulted with them regarding this request.
(Limit: approx 300 words, 2,000 characters)
Endorsement can only be provided for program activities that you are the funding arrangement manager for. Where you are not able to endorse this request, please refer the extension request to the relevant contact.
Program Activity
When you select Submit an email pop-up box will appear to enable you to forward this form to the Data Exchange Team.Please take this opportunity to attach any relevant records or communication you have had with this organisation with regards to their reporting requirements.

For Official Use Only

This section should be completed by the Data Exchange Team.
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